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Groundwater Logging

We offer: E-Log, Caliper, and Deviation logs. Well Informed sets the standard when it comes to water well technologies, and our logging division is no different. Good logs are the key to our Well Done!(TM) system. The more you know about your water well the better. Whether your project is for production or environmental, please give us a shot!

For Water Well Pump Companies

Well Informed offers the best water well video surveys in the business. We are the only ones in the industry that uploads your video online so you and your customer can view it anytime and anywhere. Also, we make sure that your customers know that you are the most important by including your logo on everything we produce for you.

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Introducing Swage Kings

Swage Kings is a water well repair company located in the Central Valley of California. Swage Kings specializes in swaging services. Essentially, Swage Kings is the company you want to call when you discover a break in your water well that needs to be patched before you can put your pump back into the well.

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For Water Well Drillers

Well Informed is your one-stop-shop for your E-Log and Video Survey Services. Whether you are fishing for broken drill pipe or determining the best spot to install your continuous wire-wrapped screen, we are here to help. We work with Drillers throughout California and would be honored to work with you.

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For Water Well Engineers

Well Informed understands the pressure that comes with your position. The job must be completely accurate and on time. Perfection is why your customers choose you. We take your needs serious at Well Informed. All of our E-Logs and Video Surveys are uploaded to your Customer Portal so that you can view them anywhere/anytime.

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California Groundwater

California was the last state to give into groundwater legislation. And this visual guide that Well Informed created helps illustrate some of the most important changes that are coming your way. Pump companies, drilling companies, farmers, and consumers will all be touched by this legislation.

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Water Well Surveyors of America

Well Informed is a member of the Water Well Surveyors of America. The organization is dedicated to helping water well surveyors across America learn the proper techniques and technologies.

We Support Valley Children’s Hospital.

We are proud sponsors of the Children’s Hospital.  We donate a portion of our gross revenue to the Children’s Hospital. We promise your patronage will go to helping the great people who donate their time and efforts at the hospital.