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July 7, 2014

Murky Water during Water Well Video Survey

July 7, 2014 | By |

It happens more than we’d like to admit. Surveyors are often confronted with murky water during a water well video survey. Murky water can wreak havoc on a water well picture. There are times when I have to go through hundreds of feet of murky water before hitting a clear patch. Sometimes murky water is avoidable. Other times it is not.

What to do when it gets Murky

There are two levels of murky water during a survey.

Level One – Side View Only

You can’t see the casing in your down-shot but you can see it through your side-view. Good. You can solve this murky issue by doing a side-view rotation on your way back up through the casing. A side-view rotation should catch any breaks, buildup, or obstructions that you missed going down the well. Go slow. Take your time. And don’t get dizzy. Staring at a rotating screen for 20+ minutes can become exhausting. If you have to, pause the video and take a breather. Same goes for when you have to watch one of these videos.

Level Two – Can’t see anything!

You can’t see the casing in your down-shot or in your side view. You are totally blind. Screwed some would say. Don’t worry. You have two options. The first option is to continue slowly down the well and pretend that section of casing doesn’t exist. Or, you can flush water down the well and come back the next day. I recommend asking the contractor or customer who hired you what they would like to do. It is worth noting here that if you think that there might be murky water, make sure and let your customer know that they should flush potable water down the water well before the survey. Best practices recommends flushing potable water for 8hrs before a survey. That is a long time and a lot of water. In my opinion however, it is well worth it.

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