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July 17, 2015

New Idea! Groundwater Banking in California

July 17, 2015 | By |

Click Here To Read Article California Water Banking

Quick Summary

Some aquifers are better than others at storing water. California should focus on storing water in the “good” aquifers. There are techniques to store water in these aquifers. Lets try those techniques.

My Thoughts

Groundwater banking is not a new idea. Taking the idea seriously is. A.T. O’Green and his colleagues at the University of California. They have put together one of the best groundwater articles I have ever read. What makes it so good? Most literature on California groundwater is doom and gloom. California is out of water. We need more dams. We need less dams. Save the Salmon. Screw the Salmon.O’Green gives us something special with this article. A novel idea.

While Sacramento and the rest of California drag their heels, O’Green is coming up with ideas to save California groundwater. While California wastes it’s intellectual bandwidth creating billboards with slogans like, O’Green is trying to save California groundwater and agriculture.

This paper excites me. America used to be great. We used to be a country of big ideas. Novel ideas. We were not scared of failing. We didn’t settle for what had been done before. We pushed the limits.

Dams are a nice idea. But lets face it. There are over 72,000 dams in the United States. Do we need more? Probably. Is building dams going to solve the water situation in the Western United States for our children and grandchildren? Most likely not. High-speed rail and dams have one thing in common. They are boring. They don’t work. They are a product of lazy thinking. They are a product of “safe” thinking. They are the product of an entitled generation (i.e. Boomers).

If you disagree with me, please leave a comment 🙂