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February 28, 2014

Swaging aka Using Hydraulic Press for Water Well Repair

February 28, 2014 | By |

Swaging is a type of water rehabilitation method. The earliest patent I could find is from 1902. It appears people have been swaging water wells for a long time! Swaging works by repairing the casing by pressing the casing back to its original shape. After the casing has been pressed back to its original shape, a liner is inserted into the casing and pressed against the wall of the casing.

My well just caved under pressure!

The chance of casing compression breaks has increased in recent years in the Central Valley of California. As groundwater is depleted from the aquifer without being recharged the water that was holding up the land is no longer there to support the weight. Formally, the term for this movement of land downward is called subsidence. Subsidence can cause water wells to break under the pressure of earth above the water well. Luckily, you have a way to fix your caved water wells! Swaging allows you to fix the damaged water well by applying hundreds of tons of pressure to the breakage area in the water well.

My well has a hole in it!

Small holes in your water well can wreak havoc on your pump and irrigation lines. Sand, gravel, and other debris, if not repaired, these holes can lead to the loss of your water well. In this case, swage repair can likely save your water well.

Our sister company Swage Kings LLC provides the Central Valley of California with Swaging Services.